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Tasks are bite-sized projects

Short-term jobs with preset budget and goals.

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What are Tunnyl Tasks?

Tasks comprise short-term objectives and an associated compensation. Every Task on Tunnyl is required to have fair compensation, which can be in the form of cash, favors, or a combination of the two. Tasks are at the heart of Tunnyl. Each completed Task enhances the profiles for both the provider and the client.


  • Easy task creation tool
  • Supports full transparency to promote trust
  • Set your location requirements to ensure provider availability
  • Quickly tag relevant Skills or Things that you Task requires
  • Define a fair budget using Tunnyl's Flexible Payment system
  • Instantly get notified when you receive an application.

New Features

  • Providers can now create Task Proposals for other users on Tunnyl
  • Clearer notification system to stay up-to-date on Task status
  • Keep track of your earnings and spending on the improved Payment page
  • Automatically handle deposits when the Task provider begins work
  • Ratings for both the provider and client.